Our company is certified with quality assurance for its constructions and services in accordance to the European Standards

EN- ISO 9001:2015

EN-ISO 1090 for CE mark on products

Our welders are specialized, licensed and certified according to EN-ISO 9606-1 We possess certified welding methods WPS and WPQR for stainless steel, carbon and aluminum steel welding.

Our company operates the following departments to ensure the quality of our constructions and services:

  • Department of studies and mechanical design in CAD-CAM environment, with 3D modeling and structural strength study.
  • Department of economic and technical studies and quality assurance staffed by experienced engineers.

All the above provide us stable and strong corporations in the Greek and European market, with a network of reliable suppliers, subcontractors and external workshops.

We provide full written guarantee of good performance for our products and installations.

Ι. Γαβριήλ 23, Αχαρναί
Τ.Κ. 13 672
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Umwelt Technics Ltd
UMWELT TECHNICS LTD was established in 2012 and is a commercial and technical company specializing in custom steel constructions, environmental, waste and water management projects.